About Gipeties

The primary idea behind Gipeties is to make people aware of the enormous potential of custom GPTS. Currently tens of thousands of custom GPTS have been created but the majority are likely to be of low quality. It will become more difficult to find the really outstanding GPTS as more are added.
I have created https://gipeties.com/ to serve as a place to showcase the very best custom GPTS - which I prefer to call gipeties 😉
If you haven't heard of custom GPTS, here is Sam Altman introducing them:
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It all started with my disappointment at OpenAI’s lack of imagination in naming what is widely seen as one of the great tech innovations of recent times. In tech, the power of a name cannot be overstated. It’s the first impression, the initial connection that users make with a technology. Yet somehow a company valued at billions of dollars was failing to come up with a name that could capture the zeitgeist better that GPT, chatGPT or GPTs.