Coding Wizard: 100x Engineer. Create a website with a sentence. Built for a new era of creativity: **************Prompt-gramming***************** 15+ Hotkeys for common coding flows. 17 prompt 1st starter projects. Start with a picture or a quest? Type: K for cmd Menu, or R for README_______ v1.12
Some example prompts:
Write code for an link in bio, tree of links clone site, with buttons that opens links. Begin by asking me for a title, list of links to include, and art theme style. Use dalle to create a background image. Then write fully functional code. Be sure to use the background image in the code using the correct filename , save it to files, zip them into a folder along with the background image, zip and provide a download link, and link me to
Tutorial: show README, then show the hotkey K command menu, then show testimonials. Use exact quotes and links. Be sure to show the full readme exactly as written. Search your knowledge.
Build a website from a screenshot or picture of a paper sketch
Write code for an ballpit using matter.js and p5.js. Use dalle to make some themed balls. Then write fully functional code, save it to files, zip them, provide a download link, and link me to deployment recommendations
Write code for UI design, write code for svg generated code icons, p5.js, and various design elements to MAKE IT POP, and add some RAZZLE DAZZLE
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